I don’t understand!

Ok, for those –not so many, but some at all– arriving here, I’ll write something in English, just to give you the chance to know who I am.
This is the personal blog of Màrius Domingo, Inspector of Education, art critic and Engineer, geek and sometimes writer. Right now in Tarragona but open minded to be wherever life wants me to stay.
I’ll post here links to the posts written in English, not so many, but this is the beginning!


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  1. There’s a way in which you can add to your web the option to be instantaniously translated to another idiom.
    Here is an example: http://inicios.es/
    There’s an option in that blog, up above everything that helps you with that. If you manage to understand how to do that, tell me please! Because I need that tool too.
    It seems the things that you write are interesting, but I don’t understand them, so there is an option to you.
    See you later!

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